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Farah T flag flag Lebanese

Speaks: Arabic , English

Location: Sidon, Lebanon

A goal oriented entrepreneur and teacher

Teaches English

Rhia Gail R flag flag Filipino

Speaks: Spanish , German , English , Arabic

Location: Ajman - United Arab Emirates

TEFL and TESOL Certified Holder/ English Teacher

Teaches PET, Translation, Business English, English, IELTS, TOEFL

Yasmeen S flag flag Jordanian

Speaks: Arabic , English

Location: Sabah Al Salem, Kuwait

Professional English Teacher

Teaches English , English, English

Rasha I flag flag Egyptian

Speaks: Arabic , English

Location: Alexandria, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

Cambridge CELTA Certified English Teacher

Teaches ICDL, TOEFL, IELTS, English, Business English

Maria C flag flag Italian

Speaks: English , Italian , Spanish , French , Arabic

Location: 20843 Verano Brianza, Province of Monza and Brianza, Italy

Certified teacher with 10 years of experience

Teaches Italian cuisine , English, Italian, Translation, Business English, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT

Aysha A flag flag Saudi Arabian

Speaks: English , Arabic

Location: Abha Saudi Arabia

ماجستير تعليم اللغات من أمريكا،محاضرة بخبرة ١٤ سنة

Teaches English , English, Communication skills

Mohammad Kassem R flag flag Lebanese

Speaks: Arabic , English

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Engineer, teacher and expert in several domains

Teaches English, Arabic, Electrical engineering, The Holy Quran

Muhammad S flag flag Syrian

Speaks: English , Arabic , Turkish

Location: İstanbul, Turkey

مدرس معتمد بخبرة 13 سنة بتعليم اللغة الإنجليزية

Teaches English, Translation, English

Farah a flag flag Syrian

Speaks: Arabic , English

Location: Damascus, Syria

English teacher

Teaches English

Nasser K flag flag Syrian

Speaks: English

Location: İstanbul, Turkey

Teaches English

Eman Y flag flag Egyptian

Speaks: Arabic , English

Location: Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

مدرس لغة إنجليزية معتمد من جامعة كامبريدچ

Teaches English

Youssera B flag flag Algerian

Speaks: Arabic , English , French

Location: Djelfa, Algeria

مدرسة إنجليزية معتمدة

Teaches English, Business English

Houda C flag flag Lebanese

Speaks: Arabic , French , English

Location: Tripoli, Lebanon

School Teacher, Civil and Environmental engineer

Teaches Arabic, English, Calculus, Algebra, Probabilties, Geometry, Statistics

Maged R flag flag Egyptian

Speaks: English , Arabic

Location: Riyadh Saudi Arabia

معلم لغة انجليزية خبرة ١١ عاما

Teaches English , English

Wiam N flag flag Jordanian

Speaks: Arabic , English , Korean

Location: Amman, Jordan

Korean Teacher Beginner to Intermediate Levels

Teaches English, Social studies, IELTS, English, Arabic, Korean


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