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Meet global apprentices and students


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Modarby Student guide

For more details, watch the video and learn how to benift from Modarby.

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Credibility, popularity, diversity, assurance, support and technology

Well known provider

The largest educational and training group in the Middle East including,

Dedicated experts

We have over 2,000 professional experts who are ready to help you.

Variety of subjects

We offer over 150 subjects and skills to choose from.

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We guarantee that you will find the right tutor otherwise we’ll refund you.

First platform for the Arab market

The first platform designed to meet the required skills for the Arab market.

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We have local offices and customer care teams in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and Jordan.


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We guarantee you'll find the right expert! If you are not satisfied with your new tutor, , you can request a 100% refund for the first hour (we provide assistance with assignments and preparation for tests, not solving assignments and participating in tests, and we release our full responsibility if this is done)

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