Aptitude & achievement test

Aptitude & achievement test

 Everything you need to know about Aptitude and achievement tests to enter universities in Saudi Arabia. how to pass the exams and prepare well .Dates for Aptitude and achievement tests .book with best tutors online.


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What are Aptitude and achievement tests?

The Aptitude test is an essential requirement for admission to any of the universities and colleges in Saudi Arabia. High school students test in Arabic and Mathematics through 5 tests. Four of them are computerized and paper-based tests. The degree of admission to the college varies based on the minimum set by the different colleges.

The achievement test is also a requirement for admission to universities and colleges. And it measures the achievement of students graduating from secondary schools for the sciences and subjects they studied during the school period.


All you need to know about Aptitude test

Since 1430, anyone who wants to join the university has had to take a test. The Higher Education Council manages everything about the test with approval from the Saudi Council of Ministers. The price of the tests is 100 riyals per test. (150 riyals for late registration) The test consists of two main parts:


-Language section:

This part includes testing the student's ability to comprehend and use the Arabic language. Through testing (comprehension - context - words - vocabulary, and irregular grammar)


-Quantitative section:

This part of the test is about students' comprehension of mathematics in science and literature sections in secondary schools. Science major Students test in arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and statistics. And students of the literary major are tested in arithmetic, geometry, and analysis only.


All you need to know about achievement test

In contrast to Aptitude tests, the achievement test is conducted after the secondary school stage to measure the student's achievement of various scientific and literary subjects during school periods before the beginning of university education. There are two categories of achievement tests:

-Achievement test for students of the scientific major:

The test will be about testing achievement in each of (Biology - Chemistry - Physics - Mathematics - Natural Sciences) through four attendance paper tests. The test consists of 20% from first-grade subjects, 30% from second-grade topics, and 50% from third-grade.


-Achievement test for students of the literary major:

The test consists of 20% from first-grade subjects, 30% from second-grade topics, and 50% from third-grade. But the literary topics (hadith - monotheism - jurisprudence - grammar - rhetoric - literature - history, and geography). The exams consist of two paper-based exams.

How to Prepare for Aptitude and achievement Tests in Saudi Arabia

Surely you want to pass the aptitude and correction tests from the first attempt, finish the matter in the least time, at the lowest cost, and benefit from the test experience and the materials under test as much as possible, right? Professional teachers and coaches recommend a simple guide to success:


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2. Organizing time: You can talk and arrange with the teacher. Pay close attention to the recommended time for studying and preparing for exams. You want to allow that time in your daily schedule and set aside a section for preparations.

3.Commitment and review: When the time comes to work, you want to adhere to that plan, respect the time allotted, and use it to study and prepare.

4.Follow up with the teacher: You can always go back to the teacher and ask about everything you need before exam time


Dates of achievement and aptitude test

-Achievement test date:

The registration period for males and females begin usually in February. Early registration ends in April.

As for the test date, it is usually held in May and June, and it is in two phases.


-Aptitude test date:

The aptitude test is held on several dates during the year, so no need to worry.

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