Cost of private Lessons (Online &  In-Person)

Cost of private Lessons (Online & In-Person)

 Prices of in-person private lessons and online private lessons in Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Kuwait, and others. reasons for the high prices of fac to face private lessons.comparing with the online lessons. why the online tutoring became the top choise for many parents .


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Reasons of raising the Prices of Private in person Lessons recently

The prices of all goods and services, including private lessons, have increased significantly in almost all countries (not only in the Arab world). These increases link to each other, and the final consumer (the student) bears the increase in the prices of lessons, transportation, petty cash, and everything related to private lessons. Where the average prices for private lessons in 2022 are as follows:


-Saudi Arabia = 400 riyals / 105 dollars an hour.
-The United Arab Emirates = 200 dirhams / 55 dollars an hour.
-Kuwait = 15 dinars / 50 dollars per hour.
-In most Arab countries =150 sar an hour.


The high cost of lessons is one of the main reasons parents and students are interested in online tutoring, which has become very popular recently.


Are Online Private Lessons Less Expensive than in person?

There is a big difference in price between private online (remote) lessons and in-person private lessons, so that online private lessons are much less. The difference in price is due to many reasons, as it is in addition to the material savings, which is one of the most important reasons for saving the money spent in moving between the student and the teacher in private, in-person teaching, online private lessons save a lot of time wasted in coordination and transitions. The student also learns the skills of using the Internet, which have become essential skills in various business and studies in all countries of the world.


The average price for online private lessons (remotely) on modarby is about 75 sar per hour. You can browse and compare prices through the following link: Modarby


Is the price difference between in-person and online lessons due to lack of quality and efficiency?

Certainly this is not the reason. On the contrary, the exact opposite is true, as the most efficient teachers and early students prefer and tend to rely on online private lessons, as financial savings have many reasons that lead to lower prices for online private lessons, the most important of which is the existence of competition between online sites and between the site itself. For example, on Modarby, there are over 1,500 teachers and tutors competing!


Reasons for Lower Prices for Private Online Lessons Than for In-Person Lessons

Online private lessons on Modarby are from 75 SAR to 150 sar per hour. As we mentioned, competition is one of the most important reasons for the low price. Tutors want to excel and have the best reputation and the highest revenue they can get. They compete with each other by setting the lowest possible price to get the most number of students possible. Moreover, the cost of remote teaching is lower for teachers as well, as they do not need transportation and do not buy the same amount of stationery, besides saving time. All of which help them set lower prices for online private lessons.


Search and book online 

On Modarby, more than 150 subjects are available online, and 1,500 teachers and trainers for all subjects and educational levels.

Everyone is competing to determine the lowest possible price for private lessons in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, and other countries. The Internet is the language of today's era, and online tutoring is now the first choice for teachers, students, and here


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