Private lessons (Online and in-person)

Private lessons (Online and in-person)

All Informations about online private lessons and face-to-face private lessons, the teaching process, difference between them, and some comparisons in terms of price, quality, and results.


Our reliance on technology is increasing more than in the past; It saves us time, effort, and costs. Nowadays, parents are asking; Are private school lessons better online or in person? 

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Definition of in-person private lessons

It is The traditional form of tutoring in which the teacher and students are in person at the same location face to face.


Definition of online -private lessons (Distance Learning)

lessons conducted online & recorded meetings between tutors and students through computers or phone, using programs such as Zoom, Google meet, and others.

Which is better , Private in -person Lessons or Online private lessons(Distance learning)?

Each has advantages. That is why most parents wonder, is there an online private tutor (remotely) with the same efficiency and effectiveness as a traditional tutor? There is no doubt that it is necessary today for students to acquire basic skills in the use of technology, as distance learning has become common in schools and universities, so it is an additional advantage in private online teaching. But let us compare the below:


1. Research and coordination mechanism with tutors

2. Quality of lessons and follow-up of performance

3. Results

4. The costs of in-person and online lessons (remotely)


Research and coordination mechanism with teachers.

which is easier if you want to search for private lessons in Saudi Arabia / Riyadh or private lessons in Emirates and Dubai!  Searching for a tutor nearby; who has the right time and conditions to give private lessons?

Or search through a website of tutors for all subjects and all grades? You can find a suitable tutor in seconds! You can talk to him and check everything before starting lessons. You can always coordinate everything with the teachers through the site.


Quality of Lessons and Follow-Up of Performance

On sites like Modarby, you see tutors' ratings and students' opinions on their experience with teachers. There are plenty of professional tutors; the student gets the best price and the highest quality of tutoring on the Internet by searching the site in seconds!

What distinguishes remote private lessons is that the student attends through the phone or computer in his home, which gives parents a better opportunity to follow lessons, avoid worrying and think about the student if he is far from home. 

What additionally allows the student to benefit from learning the mechanisms of remote meetings and the use of Internet tools, which have become one of the basic skills that he will need in his life.


Comparing Results

Is there more valuable than time? Can anyone buy a second one passed? Not only is the time the student saves when booking private lessons online, but it also saves money and effort to use them in something else, such as practicing his hobbies or immersion in his environment. The student will succeed in his life in addition to his success and obtaining the highest possible grades in all academic subjects.


Prices of in-person and online private lessons (remotely)

The prices of online private lessons (at a distance) are lower than the traditional in-person private lessons in Saudi Arabia, Emirates, and other Arab countries, where parents may spend the equivalent of about 5,000 Saudi riyals per month. The prices for online (remote) lessons are much lower than that. Moreover, the student does not have to bear the costs of transportation and other incidental expenses incurred in cases of in-person attendance.


Private Lessons in Saudi Arabia

Parents and students of all ages rely more on online (remote) private tutoring every day; as they learn that remote lessons save time, effort, and money, in addition to taking advantage of the advantages of media and information technology in the study.

especially after Corona came so online private lessons meets the needs of all students without exception in all subjects.


Search for a tutor online

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