Tips on finding the best online tutor

Tips on finding the best online tutor

 All you need to know on choosing the right online tutor ,the advantage of private lessons via internet adn some steps on how to use modarby platform to find the best tutor.

In this article, we discuss what online (remote) private lessons are. Why is the Modarby site the best for private online tutoring in middle east, especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE? We also discuss how to select and hire the most appropriate tutor.


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What Are Online Private Lessons?

Online (remote) tutoring is becoming increasingly popular, and students, parents, and teachers rely on them more every day. It is the technological development in the educational field, and people are starting to prefer it in all countries same to Saudi arabia and UAE. That is due to many reasons. Through the Modarby plattform, students and parents can search for private lessons in Saudi Arabia or other Arab countries in seconds. The search results contain many professional teachers in all subjects and grades for all the curricula. Parents can read reviews before hiring and coordinating with a private tutor to give private lessons to students over the phone or computer. That saves students costs, time, and effort and teaches them the skills of using the Internet.

The Advantage of Private Lessons on the Internet

Many people now prefer online tutoring for several reasons discussed in this article. Online (remote) lessons are less expensive than traditional in-person lessons and require less effort and time during coordination and tutoring. Most important, ensuring the best possible quality through the assessment system and the possibility of refunding fees if you do not find the teacher suitable for your needs.

Is Modarby the Best Online Tutoring platform ?

Many reasons make Modarby the best private tutoring platform on the Internet, features that always make it the first choice for the best teachers and trainers from Arab and non-Arab countries. It is also the first choice for students seeking excellence. Among the handiest features of the site: 


1.It is the first online private tutoring site in the Middle East.

2.It contains more than 150 different subjects.

3.It is a global site from a group of international sites approved by authorities.

4.More than 15,000 teachers and trainers for various subjects.

5.Guaranteed student satisfaction through the student-teacher reviewing System.

6.You can get a 100% refund of the fee if you do not find the teacher suitable for your needs after the first hour.

How To Book Private Lessons on Modarby Website

Here are the simple steps to book the most suitable private tutors available now on Modarby:


Click here to enter the site. Then type the academic subject in the search bar, choose the study level, and click Search.

Filter Search

The site allows this exceptional feature in filtering search results to get the most suitable selection in no time. On the left side of the screen, choose the requirements you have. Such as the cost of the lessons, the nationality of the teacher, the curriculum, etc.

Choosing the most suitable tutor

By clicking on the name or picture of any teacher, a new window for the teacher's profile opens. You will find all the necessary information about his experience and academic qualifications, student and parent evaluations, lesson prices and times, and more handy information.

Reservation or contact the teacher

You can communicate directly with the tutor by clicking on "Instant Message" or request a reservation by clicking on "Booking."


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