UAE Emsat Exam

UAE Emsat Exam

 All informations about the EMSAT Test in the UAE ,all you need to know about the Emirates Standardized Test and tips for passing it successfully


Every student in the UAE has to pass the EMSAT exams in six different academic stages during the school study period. Now let's learn all about these tests. What is the EMSAT exam? Tips to succeed and benefit from the test experience.

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What is the EMSAT exam in the UAE?

The UAE Ministry of Education administers this online test for school students in six different grades. Its purpose is to assess the student's knowledge and understanding for:





5.Computer science for university admission

6.Computer science for science faculties admission

7.Arabic language

8.English language


Passing the test means that the student obtains sufficient knowledge to participate in the society around him. The purposes of the news benefit the student on the one hand and the scientific community on the other. Measure the impact of scientific subjects and teaching methods on the student. Develop science and curriculum and students' skills on the other side. In 10 accredited testing centers across the Emirates,

What are the grades that EMSAT test include?

Students take the test in the grades: (first - fourth - sixth - eighth - tenth - twelfth).

What is the duration of Emsat test?

1.Arabic language 120 mins

2.English language 135 mins

3.Math 120 mins

4.Physics 120 mins

5.Chemistry 120 mins

6.Biology 120 mins

7.Computer 150 mins


What is the time and scheduling for the emsat test?

There is more than one time for EMSAT test:

-Semester one: in May, June, July

-Semester two: September, October, November

Tips to succeed in the Emsat exam

Here are some handy tips to pass the EmSAT exams successfully and benefit from them as well:

Understand the nature of the test:

Understanding the nature of the Emsat exam is crucial for passing the exams successfully. The test is to measure (1) the student's ability to learn. (2) How much information he has? (3) The ability to use and benefit from those sciences. Arabic language, for example, the test will review the student's ability to read different texts, articles, and questions. The vocabulary is enough and understood correctly. And finally, does measuring his ability to express and write texts; now make sense?


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The student benefits from the test experience in a better, easier, and less expensive way by choosing distance learning when choosing private lessons via the Internet. Distance lessons save teachers time, effort, and the trouble of coordination, and the student benefits from his knowledge of various Internet skills.


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