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Fairouz O flag flag Tunisian

Speaks: Arabic , English , French , Spanish

Location: Tunis, Tunisia

مدرسة معتمدة بخبرة 17 سنة

Teaches Business management, Economics, Financial accounting, Business, Accounting, Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing, Finance

Thomas L H flag American

Speaks: English

Location: Tampa, FL, USA

Instructor with 19 years of experience teaching

Teaches Statistics, General math, Business Administration, Strategic management, Business management, Business, Math

Dr Usman K flag Pakistani

Speaks: English , Arabic , German , Urdu

Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Love to Teach and help

Teaches PMP, Business Administration, Marketing, Communication skills, Mathematics, Business management

Rayan A flag flag Syrian

Speaks: Arabic , English , Russian

Location: Krasnodar, Krasnodar Krai, Russia

مترجم ومدرّس/إجازة في الصيدلة/ماجستير في الإدارة

Teaches Business management, Language acquisition, English, Arabic, Negotiation skills

Riyad M flag Jordanian

Speaks: English , Arabic

Location: Riyadh Saudi Arabia

مدرب معتمد ومدرس مؤهل

Teaches Business management , English language , English literature , Business , English , Communication skills , English , Business English , IELTS , TOEFL SAT , Business Administration , Sales Skills , Marketing , Strategic management , Self development training , Communication skills , Time management skills , Decisions making skills , Leadership and teamwork skills , Negotiation skills , Sales skills , Anger management , Creativity and problem solving skills , Emotional intelligence , Public speaking , Human development , Stress management ,

Zainab K flag Pakistani

Speaks: English , Urdu

Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Dedicated and experienced subject specialist

Teaches Strategic management , Business analysis , E-commerce , Communication skills , Business Administration , Marketing , Human resource management , Organizational behavior , Business management , Business Communication skills , Leadership and teamwork skills , Decisions making skills , Human development ,

Dr Renu M flag Indian

Speaks: English

Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Management educationist with 6 years of experience

Teaches Business Administration, Human resource management, Organizational behavior, Strategic management, Marketing, Business management, Emotional intelligence, Stress management, Human development

Dounia M flag Lebanese

Speaks: English , Arabic , French

Location: Doha, Qatar

مدربة تنمية ذاتية لإكتشاف الإمكانات والقدرات

Teaches Business management, Communication skills

Dr Rahul J flag Indian

Speaks: English , Hindi , Urdu

Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates

10 yr exp in higher education with PhD in Business

Teaches Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing, Financial accounting, Managerial accounting, Finance, PMP, Business management, Economics, Finance

Mariam A flag Australian

Speaks: English , Arabic

Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Business, Accounting, Finance & Economics Teacher

Teaches Economics, Finance, Business Administration, Financial accounting, Accounting, Marketing, Economics, Business management

Qusai M flag Jordanian

Speaks: Arabic , English

Location: Amman, Jordan

Certified Instructor CMA,MBA

Teaches Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Financial accounting, Managerial accounting, Economics, Business management, Finance , Arabic, English

Zafar F flag Pakistani

Speaks: Urdu , English , Arabic

Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Top Most Recommended UK Educated Tutor

Teaches English, Business management, Economics

Hussein Q flag Yemeni

Speaks: Arabic , English , Japanese , French

Location: Ankara, Turkey

Lecturer with 4 years of experience

Teaches Human resource management, Organizational behavior, Intellectual property law, Strategic management, Business English, Business Administration, Business management

Sumithra V flag Indian

Speaks: English , Arabic

Location: Muscat, Oman

Professional Lecturer & Trainer in Mktg/Business

Teaches Strategic management, Business management, Business Administration, Marketing, Soft skills

Izhar A flag Pakistani

Speaks: English , Urdu , Hindi

Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Skilled instructor with 5 years industry experienc

Teaches Industrial engineering , PMP , Business Administration , Communication skills , Physics , History , Physics , History , Business management , Information technology in a global society Physics , History , Economics ,


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