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Sultan K flag flag Emirati

Speaks: Arabic , English

Location: Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

An international certified trainer

Teaches Arabic, Photography, Arabic, Geology

Mayssam S flag flag Lebanese

Speaks: Arabic , French , English

Location: Byblos, Lebanon

مدرسة معتمدة بخبرة ٥ سنوات و طالبة دكتوراه

Teaches Biochemistry, Physics, Nutrition, Geology, Health, safety, and environmental training, Biology, Food safety, Chemistry, Chemistry

Sehrish S flag Pakistani

Speaks: English , Urdu

Location: Ajman - United Arab Emirates

School and university teaching experience.

Teaches English, Biology, Geography, Communication skills, Geology

Sultan N flag Saudi Arabian

Speaks: Arabic , English

Location: Jeddah Saudi Arabia

شخصية واقعيه تفخر بالتعليم والتدريب

Teaches Marketing, Sales Skills, Human resource management, Filmmaking, Geography, History, Biology, Geology, Acting

Samira S flag American

Speaks: English , Arabic

Location: Dallas, TX, USA

Educator and mentor

Teaches IELTS , Biology , Chemistry , Food safety , Biology , Chemistry , Geology , Chemistry , Biology , Combined science Chemistry , Biology , Individuals and societies , SAT , English ,

Imad E flag Lebanese

Speaks: Arabic , English , French

Location: Sin el Fil, Lebanon

Teacher with 3 years of experience

Teaches Geology, Biology, Math

Reem M flag Lebanese

Speaks: Arabic , English

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Registered Dietitian

Teaches Nutrition, Food safety, Private trainer, Biology, Geology, Diet and nutrition


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