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CHANTAL M flag flag Lebanese

Speaks: Arabic , English , French , Italian

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

مدربة معتمدة لـ AUTODESK & McNeel

Teaches Architecture, Industrial engineering, AutoCad, Adobe Photoshop, Interior design, Jewelry design, Artificial intelligence , Software engineering

DR MAHDI S flag flag Jordanian

Speaks: English , Arabic , Turkish

Location: İstanbul, Turkey

Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering

Teaches Business Administration, Supply chain management, Research methodology, Turkish, English, Industrial engineering

Wesam M flag flag Egyptian

Speaks: English , Arabic

Location: Alexandria, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

خبير استشاري في تاهيل الشركات

Teaches Industrial engineering, Chemical engineering, Chemistry

Azzam A flag flag Sudanese

Speaks: Arabic , English , Chinese

Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates

استاذ جامعي وباحث بخبرة 8 سنوات

Teaches Industrial engineering, Calculus, General math, Statistics, Algebra, Math

Ramız A flag flag Jordanian

Speaks: Arabic , English

Location: Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Phd in Industrial Engineering

Teaches MATLAB, Probabilties, Statistics, SPSS, Industrial engineering, MS Excel

Efstathios M flag Greek

Speaks: English , Italian , German

Location: Rhodes, Greece

Certified Trainer with 3 years GCC experience

Teaches Oil and gas training, Industrial engineering, Cyber security, Electrical engineering, Networks

Sunanda V flag Indian

Speaks: English , Hindi

Location: Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

P.hd Electronics, Electronics , B. Tech Ins

Teaches Algebra, Geometry, Biology, Biomedical engineering, Physics, Industrial engineering, Electrical engineering

Izhar A flag Pakistani

Speaks: English , Urdu , Hindi

Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Skilled instructor with 5 years industry experienc

Teaches Industrial engineering , PMP , Business Administration , Communication skills , Physics , History , Physics , History , Business management , Information technology in a global society Physics , History , Economics ,

ahmed h flag flag Egyptian

Speaks: Arabic , English

Location: Giza, El Omraniya, Giza Governorate, Egypt

مهندس ميكانيكا الطيران,خبرة 10 سنوات في التدريس

Teaches HTML, M.S Office, Probabilties, Discrete math, Calculus, General math, Mechanical engineering, Industrial engineering, Algebra


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