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Islam a flag flag Egyptian

Speaks: Arabic , English

Certified teacher 2-4 Total years of experience

Location: Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Nationality Egyptian

teacher ‎for ‎medical ‎student ‎

subjects Medicine, General Biology, Physiology, Anatomy, Genetics, Pathology, IG Biology , USMLE, SMLE

Hours 169 Students 14

Matching score: Very good

23 USD/Hour

3 2 Reviews

About the tutor

Dr. ‏Islam Ayman holds a bachelor's degree in human medicine from Misr University and international certificates from Germany and America in the field of medicine and anatomy, ‏ ‏specializing in thoracic and cardiac surgery. ‏I evaluate the student and start from the level that suits his mentality, ‏even if from below zero until we reach the highest meanings of understanding and perception.

Which students want to teach and train?

Student's gender he teach Both (Male/Female)

Student's level he teach High School,College/University,Adult/professionals;

Teaching Experiences

Country of Experience Egypt

Experience years 3

Student levels that had been taught College/University,High School,Adult/professionals

Tutor 's availability

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This tutor accepts booking in the following hours, you might also suggest a different time by messaging the tutor .


12:00 - 11:59


12:00 - 11:59


12:00 - 11:59


12:00 - 11:59


12:00 - 11:59


12:00 - 11:59


12:00 - 11:59

Instructor Reviews

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3 2 Reviews

Khaled Alkhaled


to achieve success 👍🏻

abrar alharbi


عدم التسليم في الموعد المتفق عليه بحجة خطوبة او زواج


Teaching Method: Online lesson ,

Hourly rate: 23 USD Online lesson |

Lesson cancellation policy: Full refund if you cancel the lesson within one hour of booking creation or 24 hours before the lesson start time. Also, your first hours is protected by our “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” policy.

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