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Dr Danah A flag flag Kuwaiti

Speaks: Arabic , English , Turkish

Certified teacher +10 Total years of experience

Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait

Nationality Kuwaiti

certified instructor with over 10 years experience

subjects Business Administration, Supply chain management, Strategic management, Marketing, Business analysis, Organizational behavior, Risk management, Management information system, Research methodology

Students 5 Hours 11

Matching score: good

51.75 USD/Hour

5 1 Reviews

About the tutor

I am a PhD holder specialized in Political Economics, ‏Corporate Strategy and Business ‎& ‏Information system Management ‎.. ‏my motto is ‎“ ‏teach the student how to learn” .. ‏many of my students saw dramatic improvement ‎.. ‏

Which students want to teach and train?

Student's gender he teach Both (Male/Female)

Student's level he teach High School,College/University,Adult-professionals;

Teaching Experiences

Country of Experience Kuwait

Experience years 14

Student levels that had been taught Junior,Elementary,Middle School,High School,College/University,Adult-professionals



Junior,Elementary,Middle School,High School,College/University,Adult-professionals

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5 1 Reviews

عبدالباري القحطاني


شكرا لك دكتوره دانه،،، شرح اكثر من رائع، رحابه صدر وتقبل الاستفسارات والاسئلة، مرونه عاليه في اوقات المحاضرات ، معرفة واسعة واسلوب مميز في توصيل المعلومة


Teaching Method: Online lesson ,

Hourly rate: 51.75 USD Online lesson |

Lesson cancellation policy: Full refund if you cancel the lesson within one hour of booking creation or 24 hours before the lesson start time. Also, your first hours is protected by our “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” policy.

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