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Mina B flag flag Egyptian

Speaks: Arabic , English , French

Location: Manama, Bahrain

خبرة 15 عاما في تدريس مواد تقنية المعلومات

Teaches MS Project, SQL, Database, HTML, M.S Office, Computer

Alsaid A flag Egyptian

Speaks: Arabic , English

Location: Riyadh Saudi Arabia

مدرس ومدير أنظمة تعلم الكتروني بخبرة 16 عام

Teaches HTML, Database, MS Word, M.S Office, MS Excel, MS Access, ICDL, MS Project, SQL

Dina D flag Egyptian

Speaks: Arabic , English

Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait

خبرة ثمان سنوات بالتدريس للعديد من الكورسات

Teaches MS Excel, SQL, Oracle OCP, Database, Business Administration, Organizational behavior, Business analysis, MS Project

Hamdy E flag flag Egyptian

Speaks: Arabic , English

Location: Riyadh Saudi Arabia

مدرب معتمد خبرة 20 عام

Teaches Risk management, Management information system, E-commerce, MS Project, Google services, M.S Office, ICDL, PMP, Business analysis

Hany A flag Egyptian

Speaks: English , Arabic

Location: Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Empower user productivity

Teaches Adobe Photoshop, Google services, Outlook, MS Project, MS Word, M.S Office, MS Excel, MS Access, ICDL

Kasim M flag Nigerien

Speaks: English

Location: Kaduna, Nigeria

Simple, Dedicated and Hardworking

Teaches MS Word, MS Excel, M.S Office, Google services, MS Project

Rinad A flag Jordanian

Speaks: Arabic , English

Location: Kerak, Jordan

Rinad- civil engineer

Teaches Chemistry, AutoCad, MS Project, MS Word, Civil engineering , M.S Office, MS Excel

Abdullah K flag Turkish

Speaks: Arabic , English , Turkish

Location: İstanbul, Turkey

Your personal consultant

Teaches Human resource management, M.S Office, MS Project, Writing resumes and cover letters


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